You may be just starting up or growing a business, or perhaps building family wealth. We have access to a broad range of products and services and have the expertise to build a solution that is aligned to your needs.

Direct Shares

Our share research team carefully assesses companies which pass our quality filters before constructing portfolios based around specific client goals.


Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise business is very different to buying any other type of business, as franchising is an industry with its own legislation and specific financial issues. We have provided advice to potential buyers in relation to more than 200 franchise systems. We can help you to make an informed decision about the purchase of the franchise business, the best structure to use and provide ongoing business, accounting and taxation advice.


Setting up as a Franchisor

This is a very specialised area that requires the assistance and expertise of accountants, lawyers, consultants and other professionals. In conjunction with these other professionals, we have provided the accounting, financial and strategic advice that is needed to help successfully set up a franchise. We can provide this advice to you to help you set up a successful franchise system.

Investment Advice

Lanyon Partners has been building wealth for our clients for almost 50 years.


Our advisers are able to draw on a range of investments to tailor the most suitable portfolio for each client’s situation.

Managed Investments

At Lanyon Partners Private Wealth we hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and we are not incentivised to recommend any particular investment over another. Rather, we are simply able to recommend products and services that best suits the client’s situation.


We draw on a broad range of investment vehicles in constructing our bespoke investment solutions. Client portfolios typically include a blend of:


  • Direct Shares – Lanyon Partners Private Wealth researches and maintains model portfolios of Australian shares, consisting of established businesses with demonstrated competitive advantages and strong performance metrics which are attractively priced relative to our estimated intrinsic value.
  • Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies – These securities trade on the ASX like a regular share but provide exposure to a broad underlying portfolio. We primarily use these ‘baskets of shares’ to provide low cost diversification within portfolios, particularly to gain access to international markets and sectors underrepresented within Australia.
  • Managed Funds – We recommend ‘best of breed’ managed funds from across the spectrum of asset classes (e.g. Australian shares, international shares, property and fixed interest) where suited. Due to operating our own AFSL we are not aligned to any particular fund manager and are able to focus on recommending those companies and fund managers we consider leaders in their field based on performance, risk and cost.


Our model portfolios, investment views and policies are formulated by our investment committee. The Committee is composed of a highly qualified and experienced team of Lanyon Partners Advisers and Executives with over a century of combined investing experience.


Lanyon Partners Share portfolios are researched and managed by our in-house specialists as part of the investment committee.


With recent research indicating that less than half of Australians currently working will have sufficient savings to support a ‘comfortable’ retirement, ensuring you have the right superannuation arrangements for your situation is more important than ever.


Common superannuation platforms include:

  • Industry Funds – Industry funds have their roots in the union movement with most still overseen by boards drawn in part from the union of a particular industry. The aim of these funds is to provide simple, low cost super for their members. Costs are typically below average, however customer support can be minimal and limited investment menus may be offered.
  • Low Cost Retail Platforms – With increased price competition several larger financial providers have launched superannuation products with a focus on minimising cost. Costs for these are typically similar to industry funds however service levels and platform features (e.g. the depth and detail of reporting and investment menus) are scaled down in comparison to higher fee options.
  • Superannuation Wraps – Wrap platforms are a very flexible superannuation option which allows investment in a broad range of managed funds, direct shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and term deposits. This allows us to design a personalised portfolio based on your agreed investment strategy. Wraps also feature more advanced reporting and higher levels of administrative support than lower cost platforms.
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) – For clients with larger balances we often recommend an SMSF to take advantage of cost benefits and provide even greater investment control and flexibility.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

If you have a larger balance, specific investment needs or just a desire to have more control of how your super is invested, an SMSF may be the best vehicle to achieve your goals.


A team of Lanyon Partners Specialists can provide a TOTAL SMSFs SOLUTION, from set-up and contributions, to investments and strategic planning, accounting, audit and compliance needs.


With over 500,000 funds and rising, SMSFs are a popular solution for Australians to build wealth for retirement, but the extra freedom comes with extra responsibilities that you can’t ignore (the ATO says so). Contact one of our SMSFs experts to discuss if this is the right option for you.


How much should you pay to acquire a business? What is a fair price and what conditions should be considered when buying or selling a business?


We have a substantial group of professionals with experience in many industries. We can utilize this experience in preparing expert valuations and provide further advice to our clients relating to these important business decisions.