With so little independent information available, an introduction from a friend or colleague makes finding a professional adviser so much easier.


Our business is based on introductions from our clients and we treat each introduction very seriously.


As you may know someone who could use our assistance, you should be aware of our Introduction Protocols.

  • All introductions from clients are treated on a no-obligation basis.
  • We welcome the opportunity to meet with anyone that may benefit from utilising our services, but there is no pressure placed on them to proceed any further than an initial meeting.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality and privacy procedures between clients and will not discuss either party’s situation or disclose their personal information.
  • We ask for a brief introduction to any client referral, to avoid any surprises or the feeling of a ‘telemarketer’.


We welcome the opportunity to meet with all people introduced to us either informally over a coffee, via the phone or at one of our events.


For further information please contact our office on (03) 9861 6100.

Introduce a friend or colleague