Our professional advisers ensure they keep up to date with your personal circumstances and market trends; and ensure you are regularly  involved as we monitor and manage your progress towards achieving your goals.


Many businesses and organisations require an audit for regulatory or other reasons. Self-managed superannuation funds also require an annual audit as an ATO requirement.


We aim to add value to the audit by providing suggestions to management that may improve controls and processes.


Our Audit Experience

Lanyon Partners has been providing audit services for 25 years. Tim Kilham and Peter Walton are Registered Company Auditors and we have a number of Registered Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Auditors. Our audit services are provided through Lanyon Partners Audit & Assurance Pty Ltd which as an Authorised Audit Company under the Corporations Act 2001.


Diverse range of audit clients

Our audit clients include businesses in the following fields:

  • Subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Australian Financial Services Licence holders
  • Charitable Foundations
  • Privately-owned businesses
  • Self-managed superannuation funds.


We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your auditing needs with you!

Bookkeeping, Payroll and BAS Preparation

This service facilitates the timely preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statemants (BAS). Many clients take responsibility for lodging their own BAS and in other cases we provide a full preparation and lodgement service.


Our expert bookkeeping and accountants enjoy working with our clients in the world of cloud bookkeeping including payroll processing.

Cloud Accounting

Technology in many areas of our lives continues to advance rapidly and this applies very much to the accounting profession. Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Online are all systems that enable efficient bookeeping and accounting records to be maintained. In a growing number of cases these records are now maintained in a cloud environment. This process allows year-end tax and accounting obligations to be completed more quickly and more cost efficiently. In addition live data provides an opportunity for better monitoring and decision making in a business environment.

Expert Reports

Our skills, knowledge and experience are often called upon to provide Expert reports that are used in court proceedings. Divorce, business breakdowns and disputes concerning deceased estates are situations where Lanyon Partners may be asked to provide an Expert report.


We are familiar with the relevant court rules and the rules regarding evidence. Lanyon Partners provides litigation support to legal professionals and may deal directly with clients in resolving difficult disputes.

Forensic Accounting

There may be occasions when a forensic accounting service is required. Perhaps there is a suspicion of fraud or a breakdown in systems that may require a re-construction of accounting records.


If a forensic service is necessary our senior and experienced professionals can provide the right level of expertise and give our clients the confidence that is required.


Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise business is very different to buying any other type of business, as franchising is an industry with its own legislation and specific financial issues. We have provided advice to potential buyers in relation to more than 200 franchise systems. We can help you to make an informed decision about the purchase of the franchise business, the best structure to use and provide ongoing business, accounting and taxation advice.


Setting up as a Franchisor

This is a very specialised area that requires the assistance and expertise of accountants, lawyers, consultants and other professionals. In conjunction with these other professionals, we have provided the accounting, financial and strategic advice that is needed to help successfully set up a franchise. We can provide this advice to you to help you set up a successful franchise system.

Income Tax

Most of us are required to prepare and lodge income tax returns each year. There is a compliance requirement to satisfy taxation laws, but there is also a skill in ensuring that the right amount of tax is paid and no more than is necessary.


A thorough knowledge of taxation laws by our tax professionals enables our clients to get the best service in minimizing tax liabilities.


Where the ATO decides to investigate a tax matter, Lanyon Partners will manage the process in a professional manner to ensure the best outcome.

Insurance - Property, Liability and Business Insurance

Property, Liability and Business Insurance

Whether you are a small business owner, farmer or large commercial operation, your time is valuable. We understand this, so we make managing your insurance needs easy by providing you with a single point of contact to look after everything for you. No hassle, no call centres.


We also understand that every business is different and “one size” doesn’t fit all. We take the time to understand your business so that we can best identify the right type of insurance to protect youyour business and yourassets.


We are part of the Steadfast Group, the largest combined general insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand. What this means for you is:

  • You will gain access to over 150 national and international insurers, so we can find you cover, no matter how unique your business is.
  • Our brokers can source exclusive and tailored products, providing greater protection and better value for your business.
  • Our brokers can escalate your claim to the highest level with insurers to get you back in business faster.
  • Our innovative tools enable us to quickly compare insurance options to assess what’s right for you.


In short, we partner with you to find the right solution for your business.


Personal Income, Trauma and Life

Your biggest asset is you, make sure it is protected.


Lanyon Partners has been designing Personal Insurance solutions for clients for almost five decades.


Our specialists will help you understand the most important types of cover for your current situation and life stage, what level of cover is appropriate and how to make sure that your cover is cost effective, cashflow efficient, and most importantly, accessible when you need it.

Investment Advice

Lanyon Partners has been building wealth for our clients for almost 50 years.


Our advisers are able to draw on a range of investments to tailor the most suitable portfolio for each client’s situation.

Performance Advice

Many business owners consider the performance of their business only once a year when they receive annual financial statements. This can result in outcomes that should normally be known much earlier.


By using modern accounting technology such as cloud accounting, we are in a position to analyse and report regularly on business performance and to raise issues or trends that may require attention. We can periodically meet with our clients to discuss areas of concern and to consider changes that will lead to an improvement in overall business performance.

Personal Financial Administration

Paying bills and maintaining adequate records for tax purposes can often be an unwanted burden. Finding the time for these tasks may be difficult or perhaps elderly people can no longer manage their financial affairs easily.


Lanyon Partners offers both a limited and a full service to administer personal financial affairs. This may include the payment of personal bills, acting as a mail house for the receipt and processing of incoming mail and record keeping. Regular communication is an important feature of this service to ensure that our clients are kept up to date and are consulted when necessary.


With recent research indicating that less than half of Australians currently working will have sufficient savings to support a ‘comfortable’ retirement, ensuring you have the right superannuation arrangements for your situation is more important than ever.


Common superannuation platforms include:


  • Industry Funds – Industry funds have their roots in the union movement with most still overseen by boards drawn in part from the union of a particular industry. The aim of these funds is to provide simple, low cost super for their members. Costs are typically below average, however customer support can be minimal and limited investment menus may be offered.
  • Low Cost Retail Platforms – With increased price competition several larger financial providers have launched superannuation products with a focus on minimising cost. Costs for these are typically similar to industry funds however service levels and platform features (e.g. the depth and detail of reporting and investment menus) are scaled down in comparison to higher fee options.
  • Superannuation Wraps – Wrap platforms are a very flexible superannuation option which allows investment in a broad range of managed funds, direct shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and term deposits. This allows us to design a personalised portfolio based on your agreed investment strategy. Wraps also feature more advanced reporting and higher levels of administrative support than lower cost platforms.
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) – For clients with larger balances we often recommend an SMSF to take advantage of cost benefits and provide even greater investment control and flexibility.

Self - Managed Super Funds

If you have a larger balance, specific investment needs or just a desire to have more control of how your super is invested, an SMSFs may be the best vehicle to achieve your goals.


A team of Lanyon Partners Specialists can provide a TOTAL SMSFs SOLUTION, from set-up and contributions, to investments and strategic planning, accounting, audit and compliance needs.


With over 500,000 funds and rising, SMSFs are a popular solution for Australians to build wealth for retirement, but the extra freedom comes with extra responsibilities that you can’t ignore (the ATO says so). Contact one of our SMSF experts to discuss if this is the right option for you.


How much should you pay to acquire a business? What is a fair price and what conditions should be considered when buying or selling a business?


We have a substantial group of professionals with experience in many industries. We can utilize this experience in preparing expert valuations and provide further advice to our clients relating to these important business decisions.